What is a CBCT and How It Can Save Your Life?

Did you know that we have dental imaging equipment that can save your life? YES, we do! A CBCT is cone beam computed tomography. It is technology that converts images into a three-dimensional (3D) image. Compared to traditional dental x-rays which are two-dimensional (2D), CBCT imaging can give us more detailed information about your teeth and jaws. For example, we can tell exactly what size implant to use and where to place it. We can also see the exact size and location of an abscess or tumor. The imaging will show us if you have normal or diseased temporomandibular joints (TMJ). It can also show us the health of your heart and airway passages, too!

CBCT imaging is especially helpful for dental implant surgeries. It provides us details about your jaw bones and gives us the information needed to successfully give you implants that can last you a life-time!

CBCT imaging also provides us with crucial and life-saving information about your overall health.

When you get a CBCT in our office, we send it to a board-certified oral radiologist who then provides us with a very detailed report about your teeth, jaw bones, TMJ, sinus cavities, airway passages, spine, carotid arteries and cardiovascular health. I have come across reports where patients are at an immediate risk of a stroke because the reports show hardened calcium deposits in their carotid arteries that can easily break off and cut off oxygen to their brain. My patients are both shocked and grateful to see these reports.

Recently, I referred a patient to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor to have her sinus evaluated because it appeared “cloudy” on the report. It turns out that the “cloudy” sinus was a low-grade chronic sinus infection that was growing in her body for years and it was affecting her breathing and quality of life.  We did a routine CBCT for her because she was planning on having an implant to replace a missing tooth. If this CBCT was never done, she would have continued to suffer from that growing sinus infection.

The most impactful story I have heard about the CBCT and how it changed and saved a life came from one of our local dental equipment sales representatives. He came into our office to demonstrate the benefits of investing in an intraoral scanner. When he saw that we had a CBCT in our office, he immediately gave us bravos and kudos for having one. He told us a story that involved his son and how the CBCT changed the trajectory of his child’s life. His child was having problems at school and home. He and his wife couldn’t understand why their happy child who typically loved to be around friends and family, play sports and be outdoors was feeling tired, lethargic, and had trouble finding the energy and motivation to go to school. More so, it broke their hearts to hear their son tell them he didn’t like himself at times.

With tears in his eyes, he shared that a dentist told him to bring in his son for a CBCT when he heard of these concerns. His son’s CBCT showed that he had airway issues. His son couldn’t breathe and lacked crucial oxygen to his brain and body. With this information, his son got the proper medical care and his son is now living a healthy life full of excitement, energy and a lust for fun and joy!

We are very proud to offer CBCT services in our dental practice. To learn more about our CBCT services, contact us today!

-Dr. Jeannie Ju

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