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Our patients are family to us, and they see us like family, too! That's why we created the Patient of Inspiration program as a way to thank our patients for adding happiness and joy to our lives. Each quarter, we choose a patient that inspires us to do more, go for our dreams, and break free of our limiting beliefs. All patients are eligible to be nominated, and every team member has an opportunity to nominate a patient before we vote as a team. Who knows, you may end up being our next Patient of Inspiration!

Meet our Current Patient of Inspiration, Dawn!

Dawn, you are an Inspiration to Creative Smiles Dentistry and most especially, an inspiration to me. I remember the day I met you and ever since then, I have felt truly blessed to have you in my life. Getting to know you both as a person and a patient has been a gift. You shared with me the story of Ben’s Bells and in that moment, I felt we connected.

I want to thank you for sharing your life-changing stories with me and, most especially, your kindness and thoughtfulness when you gifted me with dream catchers.

You are such a beautiful, caring, and kind soul, and you have inspired me to find more of what is within myself and others. It is people like you, Dawn, that truly make us believe in the power of the possibility of positive change for the world and that we all have the power to make those possibilities come to life.

You gave me the gifts of kindness, love, and compassion for others and myself and I will forever cherish that. I will continue to pay this forward as you did towards me. We are honored to have you as our patient at Creative Smiles, and now as our Inspiration. I am forever grateful to you and the relationship we have created.

-Theresa, Patient Care Coordinator

Meet Our Past Quarter's Patient of Inspiration!

Steve Larson is my inspiration, not only for the quarter but also for my everyday life. Since the day I had the blessing of meeting him and getting to know him as a patient, he has touched my heart. He shared with me his gift of kindness, not only with Ben’s Bells, but also with his actions and caring stories. He has truly inspired me to live my life with kindness. Steve, I want to thank you for your kind, warm, caring heart, and the beautiful smile you share with me and everyone at Creative Smiles! We love having you as our patient and cherish every laugh we share with you. It takes one person to make a difference and you have done it in my life and in the lives of others. I will continue to help pass the kindness to others as you did with me.

– Jailenne, Dental Assistant

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