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Our patients are family to us, and they see us like family, too! That's why we created the Patient of Inspiration program as a way to thank our patients for adding happiness and joy to our lives. Each quarter, we choose a patient that inspires us to do more, go for our dreams, and break free of our limiting beliefs. All patients are eligible to be nominated, and every team member has an opportunity to nominate a patient before we vote as a team. Who knows, you may end up being our next Patient of Inspiration!

Meet our Current Patient of Inspiration, Barry!

Barry, you are an inspiration to Creative Smiles Dentistry and to say you touched our hearts, would be an understatement. Getting to know you as a person and as a patient has truly been a blessing to me and to all of our team! We are delighted you chose us to be a part of your journey to that beautiful smile you always wanted and deserve. I want to thank you for your acts of kindness and generosity with me. It meant so much that you remembered my birthday and were so sweet to gift me those beautiful flowers. You absolutely made my day! Even on a not so special Tuesday, you went out of your way to bring me and the team our favorite drinks.

You’re constantly thinking of others and your sweet, selfless heart shines bright through your acts of kindness. Thank you for being so amazing to each and every one of us here at Creative Smiles. Knowing you has been a gift and I will always treasure that. It is patients like you that make our jobs so rewarding! Thank you, again, for sharing your story with us. We love the bright, kind, positive and thoughtful person you are. We are honored to have you as our patient and now, our inspiration. Keep on shining and approaching everything with love as you do. It takes one person to cause a ripple effect and you helped me to see it is the small things we do with GREAT LOVE that moves mountains!

Theresa Aguilar – Director of Practice Wellness

Meet Our Past Patients of Inspiration!



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