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Are you suffering from tooth loss? At Creative Smiles Dentistry, we offer custom-crafted removable dentures and implant-supported dentures to complete and restore the health of your smile!

We offer the very best dentures near Tucson, Catalina, Oro Valley, and beyond because our team takes a patient-centric approach, taking into account your complete health when planning treatment. During your dentures consultation, we will take a deep dive into your health history and take intraoral photos to determine which tooth replacement solution is most beneficial for you.

Nervous about your appointment? Our caring team is trained to cater to nervous patients. We even offer an extensive comfort menu and administer laughing gas to those who need it!

What Are Removable Dentures?

Are you missing several teeth - or even a mouthful of teeth? Traditional dentures, also known as removable dentures, false teeth, or fake teeth, could be the solution for you.

Traditional dentures are fully removable and are built with comfort in mind. Today's options utilize a combination of stabilizing suction technologies and adhesives to keep them securely in place. In addition to restoring your appearance, removable dentures can help you speak and eat with confidence.

We offer a range of removable dentures systems, including:

  • Complete (Full) Dentures: For patients who have lost all of their teeth.
  • Partial Dentures: For patients who are missing multiple teeth.
  • Overdentures (Removable Denture With Dental Implants): For patients who desire a more secure fit.
  • Flippers (Immediate Dentures): For patients who need a temporary tooth replacement solution.

During your removable dentures consultation, our doctors will conduct an oral exam and health survey to determine if you are a good candidate. If you do not have a sufficient amount of healthy gum tissue and jawbone, we may recommend a preliminary treatment first.

What Are Fixed Dentures?

Say goodbye to slipping and sliding dentures! Just as the name suggests, fixed dentures are non-removable dentures, kept in place using multiple dental implants. Creative Smiles Dentistry offers a range of implant-supported and implant-retained dentures, custom-designed for optimal fit and comfort.

Benefits of Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures come with a long list of benefits, including:

  • A more comfortable fit - no slipping or sliding dentures!
  • No significant dietary requirements
  • Restored facial appearance
  • Built for long-term, or even life-long use
  • Promotes healthy bone retention

If you are interested in a healthier, more comfortable alternative to traditional removable dentures, fixed dentures could be for you. During your consultation, our doctors will determine your candidacy and develop your custom treatment plan.

We Offer Denture Repairs

At Creative Smiles Dentistry, we craft dentures using only the most durable and attractive materials. Even so, some dentures can still experience fractures and breakages, especially if they are already quite worn. If your dentures have a break in them, or if they are generally ill-fitting, please schedule a denture repair as soon as possible. Our friendly team is here to help you smile with confidence again!

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