Dental Crowns in Tucson, AZ

At Creative Smiles Dentistry, our team offers premium dental crown services to meet patients' health needs and esthetic goals. We typically recommend dental crowns to patients who are suffering from significant decay that has weakened a tooth, or for those who are getting dental bridges or dental implants.

Our team is proud to provide the very best dental crowns near Tucson, Catalina, Oro Valley, and beyond because we practice patient-centric dentistry. You and your family can rest assured knowing that we will only make recommendations that have a positive impact on all of your body's systems!

Remember, if you are at all nervous about your dental crown appointment, we can help! Our caring team is trained to cater to nervous patients. We even offer an extensive comfort menu and administer laughing gas and other sedation options to those who need it!

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown, also known as a tooth cap or tooth crown, is a tooth covering designed to mimic and replace the outer portion of a tooth's surface. We custom-shape and custom-shade all dental crowns to ensure that they look and feel just like natural teeth.

We offer crowns made from a range of luminous and ultra-durable materials designed to last, including:

  • All-Ceramic: Natural-looking material with a translucent finish.
  • Zirconia: Long-lasting and ultra-durable.
  • BruxZir®: Solid Zirconia designed for long-term use and optimal esthetics.

Is A Dental Crown The Right Choice For Me?

Our doctors will determine your candidacy for a dental crown through a series of advanced images, as well as a thorough examination.

Tooth crowns are used to repair teeth and support a range of dental treatments. We use dental crowns in many different circumstances, including:

  • To repair a cracked or broken tooth
  • To replace a damaged loose crown
  • As a preventive measure, to reinforce a weak tooth
  • To anchor dental bridges
  • To brighten and re-shape a tooth for cosmetic purposes
  • To seal a tooth following root canal therapy
  • To top off a dental implant

During your consultation, our dentists will spend time getting to know your lifestyle and needs to help determine which material is best for you. Our team always takes into account your overall health so that the healthiest, most thoughtful decisions are made.

Restore Your Smile At Creative Smiles Dentistry!

Do you have a loose crown? Or, do you have a tooth that might require a permanent crown? Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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