Root Canal Therapy Facts

Do you feel pain and tenderness in and around your tooth? Do you experience prolonged tooth sensitivity when eating ice cream and drinking cold beverages even after the removal of the cold item? Do you notice your tooth darkening in color and seeing pus or a pimple on your gums? If these symptoms are bothering you, root canal therapy may be necessary. This treatment removes an infected tooth pulp, so pain and discomfort are eliminated and the tooth is saved from extraction. A root canal restores the health of your tooth, so it continues to provide function and aesthetics for many years.

Root Canal Therapy Nowadays is a Comfortable, Painless Procedure

While there are quite a number of people who are scared of undergoing a root canal, recent studies have shown that the procedure is considered to be a comfortable and painless treatment by many patients. Dental anesthesia is given to the patient, so there will be no pain once the treatment begins. Contemporary dental practices also provide plush, comfortable seats and TV screens in the treatment room; increasing the patient’s comfort during a root canal therapy. Many of our patients at Creative Smiles say that the process is no different from a simple tooth extraction or a dental filling.

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

Patients are often advised to sit down, relax, and let the doctor handle the rest. Treatment begins with the dentist numbing the tooth and then injecting dental anesthesia. This will make the treatment completely painless for you.

The dentist drills the infected tooth, and then removes the pulp from its inner chambers. He then proceeds by filling the tooth, to strengthen and seal it from bacteria and other contaminants. Once the permanent filling is in place, a dental crown may be necessary to completely cap the tooth. Impressions will be taken so the dental crown can be fabricated right away. Since our practice is equipped with CEREC technology, dental crowns can be created in a matter of minutes. This saves you from the discomfort of wearing a temporary crown and scheduling another office visit to have your permanent crown bonded over your tooth.

Why Does a Dental Crown Often Follow Root Canal Therapy?

A dental crown is often necessary after a root canal because the tooth needs a pillar of strength. During the process of removing the infected tooth pulp, tissues and blood vessels are likewise removed; thus, making the tooth weak. A permanent filling and a dental crown will serve the purpose of providing strength and resilience for the endodontically treated tooth. Placing a dental crown completes the process of restoring your tooth to good health.

Take your Root Canal Therapy at Creative Smiles

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