Creative Smiles Dentistry Team Core Values


At Creative Smiles, you will find that we are a team working together, helping each other and being there for one another because we all share the same goal to help our patients, provide excellent service and bring out the best in each other. Together, we can achieve more.

Fun and Happy

Creative Smiles is a place where you will always be greeted with a smile, laughter, jokes, singing and dancing. Our environment is one of positivity. We will always create and share our fun and happiness with our patients and each other.


We at Creative Smiles define integrity as keeping our word, doing the right thing, and taking ownership. We uphold this value of integrity with honor for each other and especially, our patients.


Creative Smiles is a team and practice built on trusting each other, ourselves and valuing the trust given to us from our patients. We trust each other that we will always do our best to be an effective team to provide the most excellent service to our patients. Our patients trust us with their health and lives, and for these reasons, we will always meet and exceed our patients’ expectations.


Each person on the Creative Smiles team will hold each other, our self, and our practice to the highest standards. We take full responsibility for the outcomes and consequences that result from our words, actions and decisions. Our patients are also accountable for the choices they make. Together, the team and patients share accountability. This shared accountability among our team and patients will create trust and team work.


Our core values can only be truly effective through effective communication. Everyday at Creative Smiles, we will listen before we speak and ask questions to effectively understand the needs of our patients, each other and our practice. We will be 100% responsible for the outcomes that result from our communication. By clearly communicating through our words, tone and body language, we will have a practice built on trust, accountability, integrity, and teamwork in a fun and happy environment.

Our mission: To be your partner in your success by being experts in our field, using the most advanced technology to make your patient experience exceptional, and providing gentle and individual care in a warm, friendly and fun environment.